An Add'On for Kerbal Space Program.

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Klockheed Martian (KM/L)


has been translated into the following languages:

  • English English

These localizations for KSP and its DLC’s are available through Steam:

  • Deutsch German (Deutsch)
  • Español Spanish (Español)
  • Français French (Français)
  • Italiano Italian (Italiano)
  • 日本語 Japanese(日本語)
  • Português Brasil Brazilian Portuguese (Português Brasil)
  • Русский Russian (Русский)
  • 简体中文 Simplified Chinese (简体中文)

Included just in case

  • Español Mexicano Mexican Spanish (Español Mexicano)
  • 한국어 [Korean (한국어)
  • Dutch Dutch (Nederlands)
  • Norsk Norwegian (Norsk)
  • Polski Polish (Polski)
  • Svenska Swedish (Svenska)
  • 国语 Taiwanese (国语)