An Addon for Kerbal Space Program.

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Wernher’s Old Stuff (WOS) (WIP)


Marketing Slicks (WIP)

Family Photo

Fuel Tanks Plus

Resource Flow Graph top

Mining Ore

First mine the ore (after you find it)

Mining Ore top

Refining Ore to Metal

Then refine the ore into metal

Refining Ore to Metal top

Printing Rocketparts from Metal

Then using the MPL Science lab, print Rocket Parts

Printing Rocketparts from Metal top

Building Rockets

Then using a command pod and a docking port, build a new vessel or subassembly or even just a part

Building Rockets top

Finalize build

Finalize your build and load up the resources, and


Finalize build! top)

THIS FILE: CC BY-ND 4.0 by zer0Kerbal used with express permission from zer0Kerbal